Supplying Infrared Driving Controls for Drivers throughout East Anglia

Wireless keypads are designed to enable a driver to operate the vehicles secondary functions safely using one hand to drive. The key pad is normally attached to the steering device with the driver using one finger or thumb to operate the functions such as - horn , wipers and lights. Different key pad layouts are avaliable to suit indiviual preferences and needs. please contact us to discuss your requirments.

Infra-Red Controls

We offer different control units dependent upon your requirement. Our infra-red control will fit neatly onto the steering wheel via a quick release system, this is a wireless control with a selection of buttons on the hand control unit, set to the side of a standard steering ball, 9 buttons can operate:

  • Head Light high and low beam
  • Day time flash
  • Indicators
  • 3 speeds of windscreen wipers including single wipe function
  • Front wash/wipe
  • Horn 

Additionally, the 13 function adds:

  • Rear wash/wipe
  • Rear intermittent wiper

Rear wiper function can be substituted for rear fog lights


We also offer products from the Bever group, which is an ergonomic “lollipop” type grip in two designs, the Classic 5 or 8 button grip and the new Premium 5 or 8 button grip, they can turn on the headlights, it has the facility for self-cancelling indicators. This ergonomic grip is used as the steering ball and is removable via a quick release system.

Versatile Driving Controls

Our team supplies and fits infrared driving controls for a wide range of vehicles.