Installing Hand Control Systems for Motorists throughout East Anglia

Discover the benefits of hand control systems from Techmobility. Providing mobility driving aids throughout Colchester, East Anglia, we take pride in the high quality of our systems, which enable cars to be driven without the use of the foot pedals. Catering to every requirement, our team will supply, fit, and configure the system to suit your needs. Get in touch today for further details.

About Hand Controls

Our hand controls were developed in 1994 in response to concerns about the “secondary safety” of traditional systems. Studies showed the exposed rods linking hand controls to floor pedals posed a risk of injury in the event of an accident, particularly to the feet, knees, and legs.

That’s why Techmobility rerouted all rods and linkages in our new hand controls through the line of the steering column and were largely enclosed within the column shroud. The video below shows the advantages of our innovative design.

Hand Controls and Secondary Safety

In 1999, "Secondary Safety of Vehicle Adaptations for Disabled Motorists - Five Years On", a follow-up study published by the Research Institute for Consumer Affairs (RICA), reported:

"The Techmobility systems represent a major improvement to the secondary safety of push-pull hand controls.

... There is virtually no impingement on the space ahead of the knees, and the driver would have essentially the same safety as for a non-adapted car." (pages 7 and 8)

And, in the view of the authors of the report, Vehicle Safety Consultants Limited:

"Techmobility systems should be used wherever possible in preference to the older, cruder designs because of the markedly better safety offered... the authors would have no hesitation in recommending the Techmobility type solution as the solution of choice for simple mechanical systems." (page 12)

video playable on youtube  by clicking on link

Benefits of Hand Controls

  • Ease of Access – With the absence of rods and linkages in the footwell, getting in and out of the car is much easier and there is nothing to hinder other drivers from using the floor pedals.
  • Drivability – Techmobility has also taken great care to ensure that driving with hand controls is as comfortable as possible. The throttle has a longer distance of travel and is therefore much lighter and smoother than other designs. The brake is smooth and progressive. The controls also look much neater blending in with the look of the car and much less damage is done to trim and coverings.
  • Cost – Although Techmobility hand controls have significant benefits compared to other systems, they are no more expensive to install. They are available for most makes and models of vehicles with a full range of options e.g., steering devices, indicator/horn/light switches, brake pedal guard and hinged throttle pedal, etc.

Special Requirements

If required, we offer a range of other adaptation options, including:

  • twin lever hand control
  • Left-Handed Configuration
  • Electronic Throttles
  • Lightened Brakes
  • Small Steering Wheels
  • Lightened Steering Effort
  • Much more on application

Safe and Effective Hand Controls

Specialising in mobility driving aids, we design our hand control systems for safety and ease of use.